Obituary From A Dogs Point Of View

Hello Compassionates, How are you? I hope you are well.

My title may be strange but I have this idea of if Rex where writing a remembrance for my uncle so please enjoy.

I wagged my tail in a fierce way, I swear some where on earth there was a wind storm, I saw you where coming home, I wanted to be there for you at the pearly gates, to give you a welcome like the ones we had on earth, back when we were alive, a small moment in forever passed as you where transitioning from your body to your heavenly form, memories of all our walks, belly rubs, fetch, the travels we did together, us guys learning to live with a women, watching you fall in love and bring her into our pack, the life the 3 of us had, how grateful I was to be your fur baby, your best friend, your dog Rex.

You granted me a lifetime of love from my puppy days all the way up to my old age, 14 human years a full life packed in to this little dogs, cherished life, I may have barked like a hound dog but I barked proudly, a brother hood of a country boy and a pup.

From a youth to a man you worked hard, had compassion, knew how to have fun and respect others, you mad people happy not just this dog, your enjoyed time with family and friends and I know you wanted more, I do not know if you felt my gentle spirit with you on those had days, but I am so proud of how you kept up the good spirits, you battled bravely with a gentle desire to keep living the life you were grateful for.

Forgive me that I am excited that now you are here, I lost all track of time, you reached 68 years old but it feels like yesterday you respectfully laid me to rest in my favorite place, with trees and trillium's, peace and quiet for a good boy, loyal friend and fur child to a father who was you, now you are almost here, to be with me and your Mom and Dad, the crews all here, the ones who have watched over you as family angels that didn't live on earth at the same time as you, all here waiting at the gates.

We know how missed you'll be by classmates, co workers, neighbor's, friends and family, who hold on to a piece of you with in their hearts. I love that my human mom who is grieving chose planting trees to honor you, you know where us dogs stand on that, you can't have to many trees, your niece agreed she planting one, just like you planted the two for her in the yard at the home you provided for your beloved, my spirit visited a few times.

To witness BBQ's and swims, to be with you a little, now you learn to do the same, to send a piece of you to help them through, to be a gentle spirit that provides that mystery comfort they can't always place.

I missed you, Welcome home.


I didn't know if Rex was ever a band practice, or with him when he had caddied, but my uncle Fred had played drums in 6 minus 1, don't know if uncle Bob was lead or just guitar, I posted about Fred's death in the Grew up in Dundas Facebook page in case any one from Dundas had not heard about his passing, as April 28th is getting closer to his service, I was to write 300 words on hug a hub for the herald but found this just flow from me, some tears too, I have 200 cardboard passports to finish for Easter, the Easter Box Bracelets are ready on my end, a custom Easter Gift set is now coming together nicely and with this written, I should be able to get that article done and in by the deadline in 5 days.

I am grateful that money is not everything, that inspiration, motivation, empowering, uplifting can be, not sure of the word I am looking for, I don't know if it's equally or maybe more important, yes we need money for bills like rent and food, but time is something we can not get back, memories sure we may lose memories with Alzheimer's but I feel God puts them in a safe place, easing us home if we are so driven to make a difference and serve him, I offer my insight, my heart and compassion, a blessing in every piece, I like that special touch and one day it may get hard to keep up with all the orders and events and community engagements, but I am cherishing this journey, one day some one will reflect oh my how she lived, what a life, what a full life full of impact, so with these tears and on that note may you be blessed, stay safe and peace be with you.   

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