One Thing?

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

I keep reflecting on my why, Why? Why a Social Impact Business? Why is it so hard to figure out that one moment, that one story, that has shaped me to this journey? What ONE person lead me? Shaped me?

I feel like I am in a closet, it's not just for those who are gay to come out of a closet, we all have something we don't openly share with others, I know sometimes with the way the world is I don't always share that I believe in God, but I do and I have a strong faith but at times, I don't always speak about it.

What is that one thing? Finger Eleven does that song, if I traded it all for just one thing, wouldn't that be something, but what is that one thing they are talking about? Is it Love, Faith, Hope? 

My Grandparents, My Mom, My Church, Schools, Choir Leaders, Drama Teacher, Husband, My Children who get's that one credit? How do you pick? 

It takes just one story for some one to relate, that one life touched by you and what you do to be a success, just change one life and you do change the world, so is it my life that needs to be touched to truly help shape the way of the world? Do I see to much in the big picture and not enough small details to know that One moment that everything lead up to and made perfect sense of this is it?

I can see many, my twin not being born, my grandmothers heart attack (she lived through it by the way), my first time homeless, last time homeless, grandparents deaths, birth of my children, my miscarriage, death of any family or friends, or would the most powerful connection come from when I was bullied my whole school life and I wanted all the pain to end but just couldn't follow through with it, I am not 100% sure what always stopped me, my thoughts go back and fourth with it being God's hand, Grandma's voice and how she would feel, how Mom would feel and that I still had a purpose, I still needed to be here for something.

It isn't always easy to share that part of my past, I by nature am torn about helping youth, the homeless, cancer patients and their families and all the other charities that during my life have shaped me, I do I choose just one to reach some one out there that needs this connection, who might just cherish something humble I have to offer in Hope.

Hope is powerful, Love is never ending, it is patience and kind, Love is the base we get our compassion and kindness from because it is meant to be shared, a few of my friends are Native and in that culture all stories are meant to be shared as each one holds a lesson, I am so open to learning and maybe to open to any new aha's that may happen that I do so deeply struggle with what one of my life stories and one person shaped me the most, as I know I am still being polished and shaped by my Creator.

Right now in this moment before my oldest are home from school and my twindom wakes up from their naps, I want to leave you with this one thought that we learned from Jesus, What you do onto the least of these you do onto me, The Father, Son and Holy Spirit, What have you done for the least of these? Are you fighting to help create affordable housing? I was in a shelter and still helping with fundraisiers for creating affordable housing while still trying to live as normal as possible for my children and campaigning for a friend, or maybe you help feed the homeless, maybe you help get youth to camp to grow in leadership and faith, maybe you have lived though cancer and give back to others still fighting, I have been blessed with a life that at only 37 thank God feels like it has been full and by his blessing stay fully lived for a lot longer because, Dear Compassionate one of my stories does reach you, one of my causes does connect with you and in human nature when we multitask and seek more then one word to define us, I believe that it is this lived live of many moments that helps me connect to each person on that personal level.

If right now you are the one feeling no Hope it is you I can connect to, I know it can feel so dark and hopeless that you don't believe others you just know you live in pain, you feel pain but reach out beyond the pain, embrace how strong it has made you, the bully's are weak so they pick on other's you are strong and can make a difference, things do get better, I am here, I may not have 6 figures in income but that word Mom, those hugs and kisses, that moment they shine with a school award, my heart is so light, joy and happiness leak out my eyes and I'm so grateful to be living it.

To the one in a shelter not knowing when or where home is, I can relate to you and be the one to tell you, you got this, yes day after day, viewing after viewing with no call can really bring you down, but I had a Landlord that thanked me for my honesty and 5 years ago Nov.1 gave me a chance and a place to call Home, and if you keep at it you well too, it took me the whole shelter time of 6 weeks but here I am.

To the one fighter Cancer, My Grandfather did his best not to miss any moments he could have with his Great granddaughter and nothing but Respect to those of you fighting, The Cancer Assitance Program and His union were so supportive, they helped me look after him until he needed full time care, hang in there, you fight the biggest battle of all, the one for your very life, and you have so much courage and grace, I mean I have known more then my grandfather who have fought cancer and let me tell you so many have hidden the pain and put on smiles and are so grateful to be alive in this moment, this day, you have my deepest compassion.

My point is to the one reading this, yes compassionate's we all relate to something different but in Ubuntu of I am because we are, I believe we need to be careful of the single story because it is our humanity our compassion that truly unites us as we work together for change.

Let this be a AHA moment, let this Hello start our conversion and bonding in building this relantionship because to me this isn't just a business it's a movement, one of empowerment for other's and doing business is also about relantionship building not just buying and selling. 

I will keep digging deeper to see if I an pin point that one most powerful AHA moment of why I am here, blogging to you as I build my vision of a fundraising company, even though I deeply believe it has been my life's journey building to this direction and not just one thing but power and credit to all those small ones often overlooked in our big pictures.

All the stories that weave in my why are the reason I desire you to be blessed, to stay Safe and that peace be with you.



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