Ontario Yours To Discover

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

I don't drive, as much as I dreamed of getting a license at 16 years old, plans didn't work out, I was learning but funds stopped me.

Our license plate's read Ontario Yours To Discover, my Grandfather took this to heart and when not working at the church or copetown Lion's club food trailer at events, if no UCW or Lion's conventions or weekend school events like choir or band, we would indeed, drive around to discover or backyard.

Road trips to camp grounds and big wood chairs, Santa's village, the big Nickel, you get the picture.

Here comes a small but hopeful rant, Doug Ford is Ontario's Primer it seems many voted for his Buck A Beer campaign, but he is cutting to much of what was making Ontario Shine, soon the windmills that cost a lot of time and money of a 10 year project to create sustainable enegry will be ripped out, the Basic Income program that was helping 4000 people get back on their feet has been cancelled, us on assitance will only get a 1.5% increase instead of the needed 3% to keep up with raising rent increases, mental health funding was redirected to police and our education system may be heading back to 1994.

Not sure what else is coming our way but the rich get out of paying taxes and us stuck in poverty are being put deeper into poverty and being trapped there, here's the issue, not enough jobs or good paying jobs as living wage here in hamilton according to the Living Wage Ontario group is $15.85 a hour, to keep up with housing and cost of living, not enough affordable housing again if not aware that means you do not spend more then 30% of your household income on housing costs, programs that had been working to keep youth out of trouble and in school got funding cut or cancelled, access to mental health support so you could work also cut or cancelled, see a trend here, each government has voted themselves raises right off the bat, my thoughts on that is we the voters need to raise our voices and take action to make that illegal, they work for us, to represent us, they want to drag their feet when deciding funding for all the vulnerable and improvements to our daily lives and sustainable solutions for a brighter future without harming mother earth.

I am counting my blessings that I have right now, that thankfully even though our roof over our heads didn't meet all our needs, it is a roof and walls, and not a tent or street corner.

Another blessing is living close to 2 food banks, I know that in some parts in the world there are no food banks. I can use wifi in public spaces for free, I know compared to else where it can be a pretty big list.

I am Heart broken this week with everything I have seen and heard from other's and the News and post's on Facebook, the world issues of fires, flood and so much more have affected my mental health I guess, feeling to small and insecure about how my life impacts anyone, I know if you change one life you change the world.

I am in no way a expert in anything, I am always open to learning new things and upgrading skills, life is a journey of learning, I am open to sharing my own struggles thinking it could help some one else learn or at least feel grateful that they aren't struggling alone or as bad, sadly I know some one out there suffers more.

Let me close out with something that I haven't explained yet, my pricing on my R.O.C.K collection or at least the start of the collection, I started with the bracelet's, $10.00 does seem high for many, I get that, in all I have been learning to go from hobby to business one was pricing the costs of goods, work in something to pay yourself, with out the full detail of the formula I figured it out that the $10.00 I pay for the cord for 7.5cm per bracelet is about $1.00, I get 10 Bracelet's from it, the wood beads are .15 cents a bead and I use about 16 of them that's $2.40, factor living wage and take it done to maybe the lowest amount of time as if I already planned the pattern it goes quick as $1.98 for my time the price starts at $5.38 plus what I aim for is to match that to a cause, so I dropped the .38 cents for a even $10.00, I know in one of my groups I am a part of our businesses are telling me it's to high, that the beads they feel are .01 each but that isn't what I paid for them.

Why end the blog this way, being honest with each other is important, I live the change I want to see and so can you if you don't already, by those daily acts of kindness, your volunteering for community improvements and when you do donate money picking carefully the causes you support that you are passionate about, even when it seems hopeless or overwheleming we can do something, make sure one of your daily acts of kindness is to yourself, we don't make a big difference when we are jaded, self compassion, staying true to yourself and your values, we can be role models with out even knowing it some times, we spread light with a smile, lift some one up with a heart felt hello, so compassionate's here is what I feel is becoming my trademark, my compassion is with you, may you be blessed and stay safe, peace to you friend.

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