Our Condolences

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

Our Condolences, the standard greeting after finding out some one is grieving, condolence by definition a sympathy with another in sorrow, a expression of that sympathy. Some of the synonym's are commiseration, sympathy and Compassion.

The first known use of condolence was 1601, condole Latin meaning to feel pain was perhaps first know to be used in 1586, other words to express grief is Grieve, Lament.

It was my desire to use something that expressed a deep Lament, many deaths that lead up to lent, the somberness of Lent and still express deep committed passion towards uplifting, empowering, connecting each of us going though a rough 2019.

I myself got away from saying Our Condolences and started expressing that my compassion and prayers are with them, the many sharing a connection of a person mutually loved, cared for, admired, I felt it no longer reflected the deep sense of loss and compassion, many deaths of family, friends and acquaintances where I was grateful to hear the respect given with our condolences as a response to the news of my family, friend, acquaintances passing to me it felt automatic, now no disrespect to anyone but I took note that I to was automatic and short and sweet my condolences, I will be praying for you and all grieving this loss, was feeling like it became empty.

I don't know if there is a word out there for feeling a death, grief overload, maybe that falls under depression, maybe grief burn out is a common thing now a days, or it could just be me, a deeply compassionate soul who feels so deeply at times life can hurt beyond human words of expression and I turn to sound, like music, or colours and paint, any craft that feels like a feeling has been captured.

I struggled to find a way to get back to blogging as my fingers felt like they where stuttering, it wasn't a shaking just a tripping over the keyboard, hitting too many keys that didn't spell or make sense, not even to me, my articulation didn't flow, I sat lost at a screen, ended up looking though photo's, profile's of the dearly departed reflecting back of lives well lived and lives cut short.

Would it be wrong to want a festival of life? Bubbles as well miss you messages, instead of balloons, maybe release Butterflies or both, have good food and music, a photo booth so the ones left behind to live another day can make more cherished memories and show they lived, a saying is a birth certificate is proof you were born, death certificate proof your dead, but photo's are proof you lived so live full.

Murray believed that memories needed to be made more then money, yes we work hard but find a way to make memories, smell the roses, enjoy ice cream, live with purpose here and don't fear the afterlife.

Mom thinks Uncle Fred had fallen asleep holding the book, I cried a bit, I feel like he knew how much we wanted to be there and hug him and surround him with love, tears are making it hard to keep writing that part of this reflection.

Let me fast forward, the Celebration of life for Charles Murray York was yesterday March 9th lovely service, nice lunch after and I enjoyed meeting some of the Brown side of the family, saw my cousin Karen and her Husband Bev shared what's new and some memories to, talked about uncle Fred and the reunion more then a service that will be the last weekend of April, on the bus ride back from Westdale our bus could not go into the Bus station as sadly a fetal accident had taken place not to long before we got there, the scene not fully blocked off yet, some at the other end of the station seemed clueless to what had happened, Mom and I saw the scene as the bus dropped us off across from it, we prayed for everyone and looked for a way around so we didn't disrespect the newly departed, which in the news report was a elderly lady, the bus driver shaken as 5 years of driving and not one bad event has come to a end, he didn't see her walking behind the bus.

At the service itself I learned one of the Copetown Lions had passed away, Frank was more then likely greeted by Grandpa and Grandma at the Pearly gates. I can picture the reunion, I can envision many ideas of Heaven, the Knitter's of the family going knit one pearl two that's how we make a snowflake or two, The Drummer's/D.J's Thunder duty, God going Drum roll please, Grandpa doing the light's for lighting or the northern lights or being the greeter, I could go on with all I have imaged but I already feel like this blog is longer then most.

Keep living life to the fullest, sharing compassion every day with daily acts of kindness, remember to include the self love, self care and compassion you need to keep going, and be blessed, stay safe and peace be with you. 

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