Our Future Hamilton

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

Yesterday I was blessed to be in attendance of the Our Future Hamilton Summit that took place at Liuna Station.

If I heard right 450 of us from across Dundas, Stoney Creek and Hamilton came out to learn how Hamilton is moving forward.

We had a small table time where we raised concerns for public health and safety in our communities, from crowd sidewalks on trash day that block side walks for those with strollers and scooters and in wheel chairs and those with sight issues, included the lack of cars stopped for school buses, where those school buses stop, how are those stops chosen, to the small police stations that have closed, the merged all in one stations for fire and EMS to the size of the area being served and the time it takes from call to arriving and the time it takes to get to the hospital since Mac became just a children's hospital and now it seems in 20 years it will be no more, how short of beds we are, lack of affordable housing and drugs, just to name a few.

Also on the list of issues is our eco system, our air, our water, traffic calming.

Upstream thinking is thinking of issues that could happen down stream is we make bad choices, it flows down the river and effects different people at different times, the video showed was of children.

As my twindom naps and I take a break from my school work and the crazy crafting of prep for Nov.24 th that is coming up fast for my vendor event, I wanted to pause and touch base.

A women I meet at the summit thinks we need more events like the one we just had, not once a year but rather touch base once a week, not a bad idea, as a community planning team we meet once a month for 2 hours to address issues in our neighbourhood and not every one has that, and let's face it it isn't for everyone, all are welcome but 2 hours can be too much for some, some may prefer 2 hours out side working in a community garden, maybe a alley way clean up, more action less talk and that's great, we need a balance, the same people can't do everything all the time or we burn out and aren't good for any one.

We must do some thing every day, to do our part, like walking your dog, take a extra trash bag with you, clean up as you go, or if you sign a petition to protect our water from being sold to a company who sells it back for a profit, you  may turn your key be idle free, reduce, reuse, recycle and if you can't reuse it refuse it, all small but important ways we make a difference, yes I may have touched on this before in a blog or two, but I want to encourage you to keep it up, it does matter.

Self Harm was brought up at the summit as well as overdoses but the wording was different the number of young women and I guess middle aged men are the highest self harm groups followed by the young men being the highest in overdoses that fell under a term I have forgotten.

Heart health took the lives of the middle aged women, we need to be heart smart, we are smart and aware so what's going on there?Have we become so stressed, so torn that we are not looking after ourselves?

 Apathy, the lack of compassion and empathy, that I don't care mindset is hard to fight, so is the car culture, the need for speed of reach our goals fast and who cares who gets hurt or stepped on.

I may not reach everyone but no one really does, if we reach out to that one person who finds the compassion and humanity with in there own heart, that we as social impact businesses, and community leaders and yes parents reaching out to teach their children right from the start, then we are making that difference, those baby steps towards change, our self compassion is being ok with the fact this process of good progress is going to take time, our self love is shared with a neighbor, that whole simple golden rule of do on to other's as you would have them do on to you is true and good to live by.

Social media was to connect us us together even if half way around the world, yet we are still losing connection with each other, we sort form our communication with text's like ttfn, ta ta for now, or brb be right back and so on, yet if some texts differently brb could stand for being rich beautiful, I don't know reaching to make a point, if we aren't clear then it can create a disconnection, the whole I said you said thing.

 I guess it's time to get back to the chaos and leave you with this, please turn your key and be idle free, carpool, bike or walk when able, don't be a litter bug take some pride in your community, if you feel voiceless send a email or phone call to your local city council or mp or mpp or your school trustee or join the parent council, get active in making the change you want to see.

Keep up the daily acts of kindness, self love, self care and self compassion, if we don't look after ourselves we can't help other's, be blessed, stay safe and peace be with you.


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