Overdue Reflection

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

Happy belated New Year, Welcome to 2020.

I feel over due to do a reflection, many thoughts running though my head and heart, this 12th day of January 2020. Forgive me for not blogging sooner as I  was temporarily unable to blog, I was working on writing a book that could turn into a play but computer issues have that on hold too, but good news it may be slow and clumsy of me but I have found out how to get into my blog on my phone, so thanks for your patience and understanding.

I have a feeling many have made resolutions to get fit, or be better people maybe with daily acts of kindness, being involved in community engagement and making sure we make a difference. 

We still have a lot of work to do as racism and hate speech and crimes are up. Sadly so are fires and floods so the world needs our compassion and our very best efforts in reduce, reuse and recycle.

Many of us work hard to create safe spaces, so everyone can be included and be themselves, being open about who they are and what they offer to the world is a good thing, because many hands make light work, and with everything happening in the world right now we need all hands on deck, from saving wildlife, putting out fires, sharing food and helping rebuild, kindness is key.

I choose the word Vision for this year, playing with 2020, and Vision, hid side and perfect, to me it is also the possibility of what can Compassionate Creations grow into, a friend asked if I would grow the compassion club from a Facebook group sharing stories of how we share compassion, or inspire hope, fund raise or even do self love, self compassion which is also self care, into a group that meets up and may become a co-OP to help others, my Vision for Artist Alley was to one day be a fundraising company that highlighted and focused on local artist's, so a co-OP doesn't feel out of the question.

Timing may almost be right after all come September my youngest are off to school, was also thinking about going to Mohawk College for the full Creative Team course, since I enjoyed the free try it course and did well with a 85%. It is a hard choice as Mohawk has amazing courses, sewing, dress making, corset making, film, radio, history of crafting, native studies and language, sadly I can't even a living just learning, there is a dream a paid student.

The main Vision is that from these blogs I can inspire change, by being a cheerleader for other compassionate being change makers, to uplift, encourage, keep motivated when the apathy around us gets us down and news of world events has us on the edge of feeling hopeless, I want to keep compassion, kindness, love, honesty all the best of humanity going, that together even on days we don't see it, we are making a difference.

The Vision of the business is to make a comfortable living to support my family and community while also raising money for causes that impacted our lives in some way, so my 12 year old daughter took part in fab girls, we want to help other girls take part too, cancer assistance program helps patients and  their families through the cancer treatment, from rides to appointments, to a loan of Walker or wheelchair and in between, I have lost to many family members and friends to cancer that I felt I needed to support the important supportive system the patient and their family need during a emotional and what can be very draining time.

I am rethinking ROCK, I love Raising Our Communities Kindness but am thinking about giving to the general fund to a camp that still goes to sponsor youth to camp, still in thought at the moment so if any of you would like to suggest a camp or any ideas of the business and our cause please let me know.

So my thumbs are tired and I still have dreaming to do about this year and life goals too, I will turn 40 in November so good time to think about it, so one part of the Vision that won't change dear compassionate's is that as always I hope you be blessed, stay safe and peace be with you.

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  • May force be with you dear Sarah! <3

    Nina 3.1

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