Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? Hope you are well.

In trying to put all the puzzle pieces together of the crafting world, my hobby with the social impact world, My business vision of selling what I make and giving half the price to charities that at some point in time has impacted my life, through friends or family or directly to myself. I feel like I still may be missing pieces of the puzzle as I had one sale since the name change from Artist Alley to Compassionate Creations, if you have come to know me though these blogs you may have noticed I almost feel like I am in a hurry to matter.

As you may have read in my blog Until Next Time and Shared Friends, my friend Paul was 39 when he suddenly passed away of a heart attack in his sleep July 2nd, I am 37 turning 38 in Nov. and I don't want to miss any chances to be that girl on the beach getting the starfish back in the water, Like I shared in the starfish story blog, I want to make make a difference to at least one but also want to create the ripples of change, almost picturing a tsunami of positive impact to raise money and make a difference together. I hope to help send at least one youth to camp, create at least one affordable housing unit and help other charities help make that difference one life at a time.

I want to encourage you if you haven't told some one lately that they matter to you then please tell them, we don't know how long we have and waking up tomorrow is a blessing that not everyone is getting, we can get drained when we feel like our kindness has been abused and not returned in some fashion, believe it or not a Please and Thank you can go a long way.

Over the weekend my oldest daughter and I took part in a park make over, we got a fun job of painting mini murals, the day before was planting pollinators, a great community event that breathed new life into an old park.

Youth painting flowers, bees, butterflies, rainbows, the word Community with all their hand prints, it was great, the make over was topped off with a well attended bbq of foot long hot dogs, cake, chips, lemon aide and a our youth of the neighbour  ready to play on the new playground.

The puzzle pieces that fit together for the community project was friendly staff of the city mixed with volunteers combined with funding from both the city and fundraisiers equalled a renewed park where the community wants to be, all because we were asked for what we wanted and envisioned a park we would all be proud of, new soccer pitch, playground, mural, mini murals, praved pathway and more pinic tables and benches with pollinator gardens.

I have seen the best in this community not giving in to all the bad seeds and standing up for each other, it really makes me proud to live in Gala, part of ward 3 in the city of Hamilton.

 I guess sometimes it's depression or bi polar maybe just the simple fact we see so much bad news around us that I don't always see or feel like I have made a difference, it hasn't been though my business it has been though me and giving my hours to my community, so my children and their friends can feel safe and have clean parks and more trees to clean the air and give us shade, to host events that bring everyone together and make them feel special.

It's such a big part of who I am, a big heart who wishes I had the wallet to match to make that much more of a impact, but I know it isn't all on me alone, you plant seeds of hope, you teach your children right and wrong, compassion and acceptance, you tend to the growth of community by making friends, taking part in events, giving to the food banks, supporting small local businesses, volunteer your time in what you have a passion for as the difference we make comes from our heart, when we care about what we are doing and feel good about investing ourselves into it, we tend to give more and keep going until we see the outcome.

I find myself writing a book, don't know if when it is finished and self published if I will sell any or if I just cross a book off my bucket list, but I think if any of you my dear readers and compassionate's do enjoy reading my blog then you may like or love the book, I will update you on that, just on chapter one.

I am thinking the charity with the book should be creating affordable housing, I really want to do more to fill that need.

That's it for now compassionate's as always have a compassionate day, be safe and share your blessings, peace.

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