Stigma Hurts

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

With the news of the cancelling of Basic Income Pilot Project, I know of a few Compassionate's who are not doing well at all.

I did not vote for Doug Ford, during the campaign I found him to speak empty and go back and forth, reports had surfaced he had once been arrested as a drug dealer, I didn't think he was even allowed to run, but some how with his buck a beer and beautiful lies of a fake promise that he is truly for the Ontario people, first day at the job, after being elected our Primer, CUTS! CUTS! AND MORE CUTS!.

I think I mentioned in one of my other blog posts what he has cut, but if you haven't read that yet here are some cliff notes.

Ontario's 10 year project of Wind Turbines, for clean, sustainable enegry, he is planning and called for them to be ripped out, now I may not have been in business very long but wasting what taxpayers already paid for is not a efficiency he claimed he would find us the Ontario Tax Payer's/ Voters. To me that is a waste of 10 years and the money it costs to rip them out, Dump move #1.

Lie #2 To leave Basic Income Pilot Project in place for it's full 3 year run, for the collection of data if that creates a better answer then OW or ODSP, but turns right around and cancels it claiming that after only 6 months it is not working and these 4000 people are not using it to better themselves and get jobs but feeds us the stigma of being lazy and enjoying a free ride and we need to encourage and empower more people back to work..... ( leading me to #3)

Here is #3 more people could get back to work but $335 Million was cut from Mental Health, without getting into a rant, I will ask you a question, Would police need better mental health training if our mental health care system was funded to create access to all seeking help for their mental health?

#4 As leader I will leave in place the 3% increase for OW and ODSP, Not a chance, again he feels we are lazy enjoy a free ride and should only get a 1.5% if truly unable to work, now for the record, we are not lazy and our income as soon as it comes in goes right back out and returned to the ecomony, we don't get to have savings or investments it is to survive and that is it, joblosses with out the same rate as job creation left a gap, the lack of affordable housing means for most of us all of that monthly cheque has gone to pay rent, leaving little access to pay for laundry, bus fare or healthy food, let alone a phone to hear from a possible job, you get trapped in poor mental health because we all know rejection hurts, a nasty cycle that basic income was changing and yes in only 6 months, I know at least 10 people out of the 1000 hamiltons on it.

 #5 $100 million dollars ripped away from the school repair funds, I am sorry but we needed that money for our schools, I don't feel that needs any more detail.

#6 Let's take sex education back to 1994, undo all that updating about what consent means....I don't want to rant, and no disrespect to our same sex community as it was also geared to create acceptance of who we are in a way were it isn't just about sex and consent but respecting our own bodies and having self esteem and yes from our faith community the importance of waiting until in a comment relantionship and being ready not just give in to the hormones and peer pressure and what about the warnings of sexting and online trolls that pray on those youth, opps rant started, hello Doug Ford it's 2018, ending rant.

#7 Privatizing OHIP+ prescription drug coverage, talk about mixed message of get better get back to work but you can't afford the meds you need to work.

There is Hope, but that is another blog and I am calling it What We can Do, yes I will be writting it right after I finish writing this one.

But wait there's more, for the low price of free, you can take the first steps to create a difference today, lesson one Don't believe the PC"s who claim they will find Efficienices that is their fave word for CUTS! CUTS! CUTS! all to give themselves what they voted a 30% pay raise, make them look like the good ones for the people and keep stigma in place, help the elite and look down on the rest of us but they love our tax dollars. 

That was the whined up, here's the pitch, head on over and click on the next blog, read What We Can Do, here on the same Compassionate Channel, At the Same Compassionate Time, till then Be blessed, stay safe, peace to you.

 P.S. I played with a app and that it may be funny to look like the monster our government feels we are, please have a good laugh along with serious thought, about how stigma hurts, it's like carring a sack of pototoes everywhere you go, the negative enegry drains everyone not just you, let love in your heart.

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