Tag Your It!

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope your are well.

Like my blog title?  I wanted to do a fun blog that would make it your turn to share, share what? you may ask, I would like to hear your story.

These blogs started as a way of sharing my why, why a social impact business, short and sweet answer is Making a difference is a deep part of who I am that it just made the most sense to take a hobby of crafting and turn it into a fundraising company. I started to build trust with you as every blog I hope gave you insight into my why on each cause I am hoping to help, the affordable housing because I have been homeless, the Cancer Assitance Program because of my Grandfather and other family members that have passed or are currently fighting cancer and how that program is so supportive I want to give back, Raising Our Communties Kindness aims to send 20 youth to camp every year and that takes $20 thousand to do, I didn't get to camp as a kid but have been blessed with donations that have provided that for my oldest daughter and If we can give that great feeling to other youths and families how beautiful it would be.

I know you don't want to read a blog like a hope bucket list of all the causes that have affected me in 37 years of life, but what about reflecting on your? If you comment below this blog and share your story I can start to understand what I can truly offer you? It is a fair question and a humble one, I think you and I know that jewellery isn't a must need item it's a desired item and doesn't solve a issue, so help me understand how do I serve you? Do you want to serve a different cause while supporting a handmade heartfelt crafted creation? do you want something completely custom? How do I make the best impact to serve you so we can serve others together as a team?

Do you like reading these blogs? Do they help you feel recharged knowing some one like me is grateful for all the hard work you do? If I haven't said it enough then I am sorry and here it is for the record, Thank you Dear Compassionate, for caring and sharing of yourself to make this world a better place, for your daily acts of kindness for all you do for your family, friends and community a big and heartfelt Thank you. Feels nice right? so go ahead read it again, Thank you.

Tag your It, time to get to know my compassionate's, time to start leaving those comments and get your props for what you do, share your community, share a link, let's really get to know each other, and build trust in this partner ship.

I was asked what action did I want to inspire my readers to take after reading one of my blogs and I didn't answer right away because first I felt I want them to feel a connection, they are not alone in life's struggles, then I thought about the feeling of empowered, encouraged, uplifted but is a feeling an action, then in my head the step of what action do I want them to take kept echoing and yes I would like you to buy something but no one likes pushy and I know I am still working on building this website, in fact the small camera came in today needs a mirco hd card, also got the new keyboard as I don't think that last one liked all my blogging, emails and the fact I started to write a book so the keyboard quit, back on track kinda need that memory card.

I know sometimes to honest and share to much, so back on track the action I would really like the most right now is to comment, share what daily kindnees you share, the type of creations you really would buy and what cause your drawn to support, I've been raised in a family that has a Legacy of Love and I am not hardwired for exclusive, good for my community that I create events that are inclusive and remove barriers but sadly not so good for business, when you sell to everyone you sell no one, so your action should you choose to, leave a comment and let me build compassionate creations around you, my compassionate's, fellow philanthropists shaping better tomorrows, I know it's you I aim hoping to serve with treating yourself to something special or treat your volunteers to, those wearable statements of awareness, the proof of compassion, what does that look like to you?

Blessings and peace to you, please stay safe and remember my compassion is with you.

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