The Star Fish

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

Have you ever heard the story of the star fish?

The first time I ever heard that story, I really don't remember how old I was but I remember it was about a young girl, I know I thought oh like me? I forget who told it, but the story it's self has stayed with me.

A young girl is at the beach, a big storm had hit and the rest of her family was also cleaning up the beach but she had seen the star fish that were all over the beach, one by one she got them back into the water, when a older lady came up to her to ask what she was doing, the youth replied that she was saving star fish, the older women stated that she can't save them all.

The youth encouraged the elder to pick up the star fish that was in front of her, and to get it back in the water, the youth smiled and said it mattered to that one.

No matter who tells the story or how we have a monitor and the one who asks why?, when that star fish is in the hands of the questioning person a connection is made, it mattered to that one, that one you just saved.

Today it's like the world has had a big storm, it feels like we have many star fish, it feels almost impossible to save them all, but we have the power of social media to call others to the beach to join us, we have that voice that unites us in a call to action, we can remind each other that it matter's.

Families are being torn apart, the ones in power want us to think a law has been broken when it hasn't, when the leader is breaking human rights.

Will join me at the beach? It is not a physical place but the symbol, online petitions, groups like Amnesty International and the UN are working together to make things right and unite families back together, so I ask you will you help a Star Fish? 

Find some way to help, raise money for the families to get lawyers, fight to change the law, something.

If we all do what we can, the bigger difference we can make.

That's all for now Compassionate's, the world needs us now more then ever to double our kindness, be blessed, share the blessings, be safe, be kind, Peace.

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