The World is Burning

Hello Compassionate's, I hope you are well.

I noticed I left out How are you, I didn't mean to, but since you asked, I am not doing so well and it's not in the way you may think.

The World is Burning, it's all in my facebook news feed, a friends parents living up north here in Ontario just got notice to leave, once named New Liskard I am not sure the new name but 900, 000 acres of forest burning, Big fire in Greece and USA and who knows where else.

I will admit I am scared, I am worried of if we can help mother earth heal, what future are my children looking at? If some time years ago some one said 2032 the world will burn what factors took shape to speed it up? or did they figure we would listen and slow it down?

I wounder if we are to late or is there still time and still hope for us, the death toll is raising in the usa and greece, so many are working hard to put out the fires and get people out safe but sadly it hasn't been enough, I saw in the newsfeed stories of how a call to the loved one made sure they knew they were loved and that they tried to survive with wet blankets and towels and were found together in an embrace of love, I cried and now as I write this the tears run down my face like I wish the rain would fall over these places.

I don't like writing about doom and gloom, I like uplifting and empowering for positive change, but are we too late? Can we plant enough trees, can we use more sustainable methods of enegry? is back yard composting helping?

How long have people said the world is ending yet here we are, yet some how seeing this bearing witness to this has me thinking are we killing our mother earth? can we still save here or did our greed end us and her?

A thoughtful question was asked in the Social Impact group I am a part of, and that was have we thought about if for all the good we want to do, is there a down side or dark side to our business, the example was the 3d printer that builds a house out of cement, it helps create more affordable housing but does it put more workers out of a job, does it solve one problem only to create another.

It was a very good question, I have also seen on Face Book Eco Bricks, plastic bottles stuffed full of plastic bags and stacked with mud to create earthship homes, they also used tires and glass bottles and recycled a lot to create a beautiful home, I saw eco bricks used for a garden bed a a small simple house, are machines always the answer? 

I shared my passion and desire to use empty buildings to create affordable housing, it isn't building new it is updating what is there and unused, so tires in a landfill, reuse to make walls, plastic bottles go ahead pack them full and build away, some times we care way to much on looks and not how simple it is to make a shelter.

I guess for this blog I am hoping to challenge you for yourself to ask if you are doing enough to reduce your carbon footprint, reducing waste, reusing or upcycling, my compassion is with all those who face the unknown of if and when they have a home to go back to, I don't know at this point in time if there are gofundme's or red cross that can take donations to help so many rebuild.

Please if you don't already use your voices to encourage your leaders for green sustainable enegry and look at your life and if you are doing you everything you can to be green, if you are then thank you on behalf of mother earth, if you look and find maybe there is a bit me you can do then please start those changes as fast as possible and thank you for your reflection into part, if you do not be in climate change them please let me be the one to help open your eyes to the fact it is real and happening faster then first calculated.

Compassionate's I am heart broken for the loss of life and green space. Be Blessed, stay safe and be the light that creates hope in someones life, peace my compassionate's.

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