Thought's on Compassion

Hello Compassionate's

I am not sure how often I will end up blogging, but there is something I need to share today.

Yesterday a 25 year old man, drove a rented van on the side walk of a busy downtown Toronto street. April 23 2018 10 people were killed and 15 injuired.

I don't know if I knew any of them but my heart breaks for all of them.

The world seems to know about the bus crash, the lady who looks after the property where I live lost her nephew in that crash, he was the youngest and was so happy he made the list to go.

So many tradgies around the world, I sit here blogging and making earrings, listening to music, in thoughts and prayers, in grief and in compassion.

Life can be short, to short not to share our compassion, our humanity, share our hopes and dreams.

It really doesn't take much to make a difference, sometimes it is so simple we over look it. A friendly hello when walking by, a smile shared, a door opened when the person behind you has their hands full, an offer to help a neighbor with yard work, simple little things that only cost you some time.

A untitled Poem of mine I'd like to share.

A simple tear ran down my eye, a chill went down my spine. What is it with this sensitive heart of mine, some days the world seems to cruel, some days it can seem so kind.

 A hope for my children, a dream of a world with out hate, a world with out greed. We are all interconnected, we all can dig down deep and fight the need of more, we can share. Compassion is meant to be shared.

A smile on my face, a friendly hello, a opened door, a action of kindness a day, a joy in my heart, a world needing healing, a quiet strength to keep going, keep hoping when faced with sorrow and pain.

A light in the darkness, we all can be. A stranger could be a friend, A moment in time could feel like forever, A second could shape us.

A simple tear runs down my face, a grief unspoken of a loss for someone I will no longer have a chance to meet, A chill runs down my spine of how this moment in time could have changed, A sensitive soul with a fragile heart aches on days like today when the world seems cruel, Joyful on the days when it shines of kindness.

A call to be kind.

Thank you for reading this blog/poem.

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