Too Modest?

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

Today, 17 years have passed since the attack now and forever know as 9/11.

I was 21 years old, living with a room mate as with 3 jobs I still could not afford to live on my own, and I was in walking distance of my grandparents in Dundas, with her dementia when she saw the news, she felt like she was trapped in the one tower witnessing the other one fall, the world has been forever changed, I still grieve for all the lives lost that day, I grieve for all the deaths that come from violent events and I keep working on my community, to seek justice, walk humbly, live peacefully, do my part of making life fair, making our neighbour hood a little greener, friendlier, and safe for all.

Day 2 of the Impact challenge, yesterday the focus was on your why, today is your who.

You customers or clients, the ones buying your products, then in a impact business you have the ones you service, sometimes they can be one in the same,  I think that's where I get stumped, I being a compassionate who deeply desires to impact the customers who are buying, those wearing my creations as much as the charities that the pieces are designed to support.

Charities like Heart and Stroke, Cancer Assitance Program, Raising Our Communities Kindness just to name a few do so much for our community, helping low income people afford much needed items like walkers, wheel chairs and ride support and in R.O.C.K's case providing hope to low income families that can't afford to send our youth to camp to grow in leadership and faith, with all of that in mind, I felt if I kept my prices low and affordable for those like myself, other's like myself who put their children first and don't really treat themselves, could justify treating themselves as it gives back to the charity they were serviced by, empowering and uplifting them at the same time.  So far it really hasn't help move me forward from hobby to business, like I thought it would.

I do feel accomplished today, this morning my oldest son had a appointment at Ron Joyce that went well, the live session was a little late so I was right on time to catch it live, been thinking over some feed back I got about that I really need to figure out what is so special about what I make and how I make it, and Too Modest? came to mind.

Let's take this journey together shall we, I design with the cause in mind, I think I touched on this with one of my other blog's for the R.O.C.K bracelet's, bright colourful wood beads, I think fun, nature and camp, when making them I feel like it is almost like a prayer, I focus on the smile's of the youth, the relief of the family who couldn't afford to send them and the amazing compassion of community, I wish blessings of health and safety and over all well being to not just the buyer but if it is gifted for the wearer and the camper, that they look at it and feel this connection when they wear it and yes a sense of pride that it helped some one else.

With the design of the Simple Glass bead bracelet's that though was of my mom and the repairs to her house, she likes simple, lightweight, bracelets, uplifting but almost nuturel tones, I did white and blue, or cream and light green and just kept playing with the different seed beads I had to create 13 different looks but didn't want to go to crazy with it, nothing wrong with being a item designer just from this creative it can become boring if you do the same thing to long.

My birds nest pendents that I call Healthy Housing come from nature and how where ever they fly they can make a home, I play with the design of 3 beads again from my faith of Father, Son and Holy Spirit and some times they are the same and some times a fun mix to showcase a healthy mixed neighbour hood where we are all different some how.

My Faith line that I designed and haven't made yet is inspired by the Foot prints in the sand story, that in our darkest times we are carried, I am still playing with ideas of if I want to make them out of clay, maybe resin or maybe recycled metal like our soup cans to really help cut down on our footprint for Mother Earth, seeking some one who could help with that.

The same thing with the mix of Hashtag designs I have, designed for the movement of wearing hope in style and sharing why you #LOVEYOURCOMMUNITYEVERYDAY and most of them are aimed to raise money for affordable housing but a few are for sports programs like Grassroots Soccer, and Jumpstart Football and Hoops Basketball.

Still not knowing what exactly makes anything special and maybe it doesn't fully speak to my who, but I did want to share with you where the designs come from and that's why I say it's handmade and heartfelt, every thing I do in my life is born or comes from Love and compassion, living passion and purpose.

 If you believe that makes me too modest then maybe we understand each other and do have a connection from these blogs, which I celebrate as it means I am getting the hang of this.

As far as me truly knowing my dream clients and creating that avatar I do think back to when I was 21, to my Avon days when my grandma and my best friends mom were my best customers, their orders weren't big but every campaign they would buy, both have passed on since then but when I think about the who, I think of them, mixed with 2 of my friends who have been customers and a mix of my home with a heart teacher and a future me.

The quest to keep digging deeper, to pin point what makes my creations stand on their own special, to stay modest, humble, to create a difference while creating a living, to empower and inspire, to fuel the movement of daily acts of kindness, self love, self care and self compassion is one with no time limit and service must not be rushed, I am here when buyers are ready, encouraged that we can grow together.

So as always Dear Compassionate's, with that extra emotion felt from that 17 years ago, I hope you understand the true power behind the words and feeling that I hope you be Blessed, Stay Safe and that peace be with you.

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