Two years already?!?!?!?

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

Wow April 3rd 2018 is when this website started, among all the the Corona news I had forgotten this is the Anniversary of Compassionate Creations.   

I haven't really celebrated, it seems so surreal, on the verge of tears, day 23 of distancing, the grieving of Ryan, today was insane, I am not going into details, fighting a migraine hasn't helped either, so I am playing Every Day Life the album on YouTube with head phones as I type this blog and the 3 youngest fall asleep and I can join them shortly, dream away the bad day, surrender to the hope that tomorrow will be better, the simple joy of living life one day at a time.

It's strange, I grew up with my family making a celebration of little things like happy month and first dates many moons ago but tonight ready to cry feeling hollow almost defeated yet ever hopeful fondly looking back at the midnight parties, not real parties grandma needed a snack for her sugar levels with her diabetes and some times for reasons I don't remember we were all up, simple little snack like cheese and crackers, simple bonding moments, as the tears start to roll down my face I wonder did grandma feel as strong as I grew up seeing her as? 

My thoughts all over the place today, feelings up and down like a roller coaster, just wanting a moment to myself, a little bit of peace.

 Some of you know the Mom Life all to well and may know exactly what I mean.

I did want to mark that today Compassionate Creations has been Happy to serve you for 2 years and I do look very much to serving you more and helping those causes, today may have been a bad day but we are still the change we want to see in this world and now more then ever we need to support and care for each other, so if that means reaching out to blog though tears to say you are not alone, and we will get though this one day at a time, then that is what I will do, so when I look back on this some day I can say I allowed myself to be vulnerable with you, to truly share life's journey together and connect, to lift each other up, cry together or laugh together, be a cheerleader or maybe a coach, doing my best to be what ever you dear compassionate need me to be at the time you read this blog.

Maybe tomorrow will be more joyful and I can create a little party, but tonight I will will use my imagination and find peaceful images to calm my mind and refill myself to be what my family needs me to be tomorrow, so dear ones with Lot's of Love my dreams for you are to be blessed, stay safe and peace be with you.   


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