Under The Stars

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

12:30 am struggling to sleep,  been sewing from 7 pm to 10 pm working on a upcycled jean bag, pinning and hand sewing after the kids go to bed, I like to have new product before each event I take part in and one is coming up this Saturday.

Desired adding the bags for Fab Girls, so empowering, showing what can be achieved when you put your mind to it and work towards it.

Sitting outside on this nice night, reflecting and dreaming.  A Facebook post showed youth ran a lemon aid stand to raise money for Indwell, makes you feel good to see youth rise to leadership like that, the 196 leadership day camp ends tomorrow and even though they didn't do any fundraising this week, they rose up to inclusion as a member of the camp did not have a signed permission trip form for the trip planned, rather then see there friend miss out, a new trip idea formed and they all agreed, proud of this group for that, they raised money during the school year to fund this camp and are invested in it together.

A compassionate crew working together not for a brighter future but a brighter now, we can make wishes on stars, pray but with out working together, investing our time and passion into that goal how does it grow and see the light of day.

A chilli cook off, both yummy by the way and yes I did like my daughters best, had more veggies, where they worked in teams to prep and cook the meal, time in the garden helping weed and harvest, team work in a escape room and got to make a video too, wish my day camp had been like that. Isn't it amazing how much we can learn about ourselves and others when it's fun, pressure taken off, no grades, no judgement just team work to get out of a room, or share a cause, a dream of every one having a home, access to clean safe water, peace, safety, feeling loved.

I'm pretty sure I have said it before, growing up I heard and witnessed, many hands make light work.  

Time to turn in, try and get some rest, nerves running wild about the next vendor event, ideas run a mack, worries float around in the mix, as I write under the stars, be blessed, stay safe and peace be with you.

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