War On the Poor

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

I'm scared, I just read that if Doug Ford get's his way, rents will be allowed to raise 5-7% a year, with OW and ODSP only getting a 1.5% increase  (roughly $17.50 a month more) homelessness is going to rise, rights are being stripped away and for what, the rich prefer the big gap between rich and poor, because a buck a beer has a nice ring to it. I like the sound of buck a day daycare, or milk, maybe even juice. Welcome to Dollarama we used to be Ontario ( kidding in case you didn't know, not always easy to tell when reading)

My hope is not out, but I am impatient when it comes to wanting to create a income to support my family and raise above stigma and make sure I can do it before rents raise 5-7% a year, I have to find out the missing piece of why I can't seem to sell anything, I would like to ask you the reader what stuff do you like?

What change do you fight for? Maybe I haven't added your cause yet, so feel free to share in the comments your ideas and causes.

This gray rainy day that started with sunshine then started to hail,(Campaign seemed like sunshine, The rain Doug got in and the Hail is all the damage he is doing by cutting needed funding and programs like sustainable enegry to clean up our acts for our children to breathe fresh air), I started to wounder if I need to move from Ontario, but where would I go. Besides it's not my style to run, I will keep fighting for our future, I know working together we can have a better world and if each one of us fights our own greed we will also be better for the world, a beautiful ebb and flow of our collective enegry. 

I know my last blog was about the butterfly and strong wings but a war on the poor, breathing.... counting.... calm kinda (Can you tell it gets me upset, no one likes injustice). It is a extra struggle we don't need, it's hard enough to make ends meet and try to get a bit ahead, it feeds depression and you sink deeper yet, just look at what my mom and step dad are going through, no insurance so they have to do all the running around and try to come up with cash to get some one in to see the damage of the where the fire fighters took down part of the inside roof to put out a hot spot so they could save the 2 end houses, not just do they need to pay upfront for the person to come in but the mail sent it to the wrong place, that's 10 days longer before work even gets done, they don't know how long it will take to get back home, and while staying with us can be stressful because they were empty nesters and now welcome to chaos and really wish I had a bigger space with a in law suite that would give them a room of their own. Any way that's kinda in the blog A Fire Next Door.

We fight for rights, We fight for affordable housing, rent caps, good jobs and job creation and clean enegry, renewable, sustainable and this guy gets elected and it's all backwards, blames and shames the poor saying we should have been born into money like him, we should go get jobs, he keeps feeding that stigma.

So Dear Compassionate's I ask you to join me as we need to live everyday #CompassionStrong, to do our #DailyActsOfKindness, and to #LOVEOURCOMMUNITYEVERYDAY, we sign petitions to keep Basic Income even when it seems like a waste of time because the only real waste is failing because we don't even try, we sign petitions to keep our green renewable enegry.

Together as compassionate's we in our communities will keep at the grass roots fight, we will give to our local food banks,our local homeless shelters, we as compassionate's just double down so to say when the weather ( of Politics) is feeling scary and bleeck. We have Compassion as our super power and we are strong and caring when we see the darkness of the world we shine just that bit brighter and empower others to shine bright with us and fight back agaisn't the darkness, we can be a bit drained but we always seem to have that something extra to give.

Please check out the Simple seed glass bead bracelet's I have made for raising money to help my mom with repairs to get her back home, give a read to the blog A Fire Next Door, check out the shop where I added 13 styles and have 30 bracelet's made for Mom's fundraiser.

Remember to shine bright with your #DailyActsofKindness include one act of #SelfLove or #SelfCompassion not sure why I am writing with #'s but as always my Compassionate's #BeBlessed, #StaySafe and #PeaceToYou. Sharing with the world #LotsOfLove. 

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