Welcome Summer

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

I am sunburned, still sick but kinda getting there in health, I have been confirmed for a vendor space in the first friday event at Woodlands park for the lego movie, part 2, so I am booked for July and Aug.  May be in the Art Market July 20th and may be in a event July 27th.

Feeling blessed right now, the Impact Business base may have closed June 14th but many of us create a new facebook group to stay connected and supportive, I must admit my goal of blogging and promoting the Mini Pride box for The Hamilton Markers Box, my candles are in have been delayed by my illness and not being online as much, me when online being in my business email and building those relationships with the events.

I even had a mixed blessing, a email sent in error that turned into a chance I may not have asked for, turned lesson that some how, co designing with my oldest daughter doesn't make my products geared to family and I am more classed as a not for profit to many events in my area and for this one event that's not really allowed because it is a charity and needs the funds raised for them, but if I can get that book I am writting finished and printed I think one day I can take part in that event in a different way then just going to it, but for now I will just enjoy it with my kids.

Another mixed blessing was timing today, dealing with heat and a hungry crew from walking to the festival we stopped to buy pizza, it took longer then slices but that timing lead to being able to help out when a older gentleman fell with his walker, we walked a little slower to keep a eye on him, we saw him again on the way out of the park, smiling and doing ok, when we got to the park someone offered a toy to the twins, then when looking around my oldest was given a free bracelet and one of the pony ride staff, is a camp leader where my daughter is going, looks like see is going to know some one there.

I saw that there are still good people, at least 5 ran over to help the man who fell, 2 more at the event and others as I know more kindness is out there. Humanity is not hopeless, lost a little but we can be each other's gps and get back to the right direction, keep showing the examples of kindness, we can do our part for each other and the eco system, we are all in it together.

So Welcome Summer, enjoy it, be Blessed, Stay Safe ( includes using sunscreen and reapply, we did be we should have done it more), and Peace be with you.

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  • Many good people out there Compassionate Creations!


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