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April 18th 2018 Compassionate Creations was born.

Hello My name is Sarah Merritt and I was the Chief Visionary Officer of Artist Alley Fundraising until yesterday when I changed the name to Compassionate Creations.

The journey of going from hobby to business has been long with many set backs, and I will not bore you with all the details. I couldn't get the link to work, and it has been a costly battle that has gone as far as I can to get the name, but many think Artist Alley is comic con, so a name change.

A fresh start.

Welcome to the dream, the passion of making a difference, of sharing philanthropy, generosity, kindness, community and connection.

I believe that together we can be the change we want to see in this world. A purchase from Compassionate Creations help's fund raise for Charities that help improve the lives of people in the Hamilton Community.

There is Hope to one day add to our causes to reach out beyond our local community, but a journey of a thousand steps still begins with one, so with time and your support, together the compassion will grow.

The focus I choose to start on is 3 big causes in my life, helping to send youth to camp, as I never got to go when younger and had felt that I had missed out, the other is affordable housing, I have been homeless 5 times, currently inadequately housed, meaning it doesn't fit all of all needs, next The Cancer Assitance Program, helping Cancer patients and their families during treatment.

I look forward to our journey together, thank you for stopping by, reading this blog and checking out our starting up.

Blessings to you, may you have a compassion filled day. 

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  • Love the new name, Sarah. Cheering you on as you pursue your dreams!


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