Welcome to The Impact Business Base

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

It's here, the link I was telling you about, I am a member of the Impact Business Base and I feel it has done me a world of good, the we do change the world kind of good and Compassionate's I would love for you to join us, so I can tell you welcome to the impact business base, where purpose and profit is with in your reach, in fact I was thinking back a bit and remembered " your on your way with esso " yes I sang that in my head but your on your way with the impact base.

We have a bundle every month that helps us with our why, who, how, how we speak to our customers, just insightful teachings or should I say shared learning experiences from not just the coaches but each other.

I love it can you tell? If you have ever wanted to balance your purpose and profits this is for you, now really is the time to get into business for yourself if that has been your dream, because this movement is growing and rightful so, to long it's been about money only and it's changing, with us as customers and businesses.

We have awakened to our Mother Earth and her need for us to find more sustainable practices, our enlightenment about respecting others and sharing what we have to cut down on our wasteful ways and for many of us who have worked hard for our money only to pay bills and not truly live our lives, the riches that only come from experiences.

Our lives are not valued at what we clocked, worked so many hours, had a big house, fancy car and life savings, that in truth we may not live long enough to spend on that travel that is put off, until retirement. The impact we have on others, the way we make them feel, cherished memories, good friends, loving family, that's a deep value that can not go unlived for a piece of coloured, printed paper.

I know I don't want to be on my death bed, looking back and feeling empty, look at the movie the Christmas Carol, Humanity is our business, Jacob warned Scrooge that if you don't help in life you are doomed to desire to help but can't in the after life, if you haven't seen it, I think you should watch it.

Customers are changing, demanding good products or services at affordable prices, sustainable practices, services that make them feel special but included, feel that they have made a difference as we all feel that time is almost never on our side, we never know how long we have and want to fill it as full as possible while we can.

So Compassionate's let me ask you this, do you have a idea for a business? do you have a idea of area of impact you desire to make? if yes great, the impact base is a great place for you to explore that idea further, polish it, weave it and go from dream it to live it, here it comes don't delay, click to link today....Did you find yourself thinking of the tones in commercails? I did as I was typing, little funny.

Any way this tribe is a supportive safe space that will do tough love to help you dig deep and really get into with yourself so you and your business can grow together and some times as one of our members says some times you have to break down to break though and it's true, my refence to this is that we are seeds and we must break out of our shell to grow.

 https://www.impactbusinessbase.com/a/9832/VoQ7CXXE Only open until Sept 21st so again don't Delay click the link and sign up today.

That's the link to join the Impact Base Business Group, I hope to see you there.

Keep up the daily acts of Kindness that include self love, self care and self compassion, as always Be Blessed, Stay Safe and may peace be with you.

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