What makes it Special?

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? Hope you are well.

It's June 19th and I hope all the Father's out there, and Father's at heart had a compassionate Father's day, I will wish it to all father's and father's at heart one more time, Happy Father's Day.

We didn't really do anything special for it, the kids had done father's day cards and crafts at school and gave it to him in the morning and I made a pho like dish for dinner, it had egg noddles, steak, onion soup mix and corn it wasn't bad.

 You may be asking right now, how does she think this is blog worthy? I get it, get to the point. 

What Makes It Special?

Really, it's a good fair question, if we really loved one another, like we are to love our neighbour's then what makes this day or mother's day special? Should we not live life in a way that our loved ones know they are loved everyday? many encourage us to live every day like it is our last, but do we?

I have been in event planning mode for a few days now, as Gala we need to come up with some free events that can fundraise for our small grants funds, so we can host Holidayfest for a second year and match the growing cost of our Easter Saturday event which I am hoping we can start calling Gala's Spring Festival, I believe we had maybe 500 attend this year and it is starting to cost more then $1,500, so we need to raise money. 

I have been on Pinterest looking at different ideas that can help bring costs down and still add fun touches to our community events, and the idea for this blog popped into my head, What Makes it Special? what food do you look forward to all year? that special dish that makes that party a must attend, I love desserts and meatballs at holiday time, some one's famous fudge or lemon squares, date balls or cream puffs.

I did a lot of baking with Grandma over the years and many events, The Copetown Lions Christmas party, The Candlelight service and it's punch, many events, Grandma would spend a day or two or sometimes a week making jams and cookies, at Christmas time we made gumdrop cakes as gifts, for a church fundraiser we made tons of cream sugar cookies in the shape of ghosts and pumpkins, owls and bats at first each cookie raised .25 cents, then .50 until it was a $1.00 each, I don't know how many we baked but we started to use the church kitchen to bake them all, the ladies of the U.C.W would also have cooking days for the bake sale with pies and put plates or small totes together to buy a mix of baked goods.

Growing up Mom and I worked the toy table at the yearly indoor Garage the first Saturday of April, all the items were donated, put in different areas that volunteers looked after, Mom and I on toys, Grandma looked after kitchen items, Grandpa was the caretaker so he would unlock the doors. 

As I write this I know my thoughts pop around, my family was busy almost every weekend with something.

The point I am trying to make is what made it so special was the time spent with our loved ones, the time family and friends spend together enjoying that connection, those foods, those events.

It seemed almost fun, to play with the toys, some one would see the fun I was having and ended up buying it, so I moved on and played with all the other toys left, for a few years I was the only Merritt left at St Paul's United Church in Dundas, I worked the toy table by myself but I no longer enjoyed myself doing it, it wasn't the same, not seeing Grandma in her area, Mom doing something else in Hamilton and Grandpa was at Wentworth Lodge spending time with Grandma, I would go see her after the event was over and tell her she missed the craziness. 

I sometimes miss that craziness because I could see right away the difference that was made, when some one got a good deal and was able to help the cause. 

Special Days are one thing, but every day with the ones you love are special, we don't know how long we have, we don't know if time will take away our speech, our hearing, our eyesight, if we were blessed with it in the first place, we do know the love in our hearts and that crazy events or any event is special because of who we share it with, all the rest is just bonus, of good food, good games, crafts, prizes.

Alright Compassionate's that is all for this blog, hug some one a little longer today, or offer a hug to a stranger who looks in need of that compassion, be blessed and have a compassionate day.

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