What We Can Do

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

Done to business, Blog to in Stigma Hurts is What We Can Do.

The more news I hear about what is happening here in Ontario, the more I double my effort and compassion, yes part of that is blogging, part of it is that in Sept our Gala Community Planning Team has a election for our COG cool word for our co chairs, recording sec's and co tres, yeah feel like short forming. I am thinking of going for co chair to help my community at the grass roots level of what we can do to make sure our community can get though this and look after one another, I will still plan easter and holidayfest but we may need our fundraising hats on.

Another way in making a difference with no money down, you heard right, it's free to vote here in the up coming city election, and you can be a informed voter making the right choice to best look after your ward and our mayor, not just that our school board trustees, and I happen to know a handful of friends that have braved the process and are running, all have been active in Community Planning Teams and given time to non profits and have helped on endless times of community events and been working the bbq to help us be fed.

If you have me on Face Book you know I have joked about Merritt for Mayor, but that is a lot of time away from my children and this day and age they grow up fast, I may think about it for real when my twindom is in school but I still feel my best real difference making can come from this fundraising company I am building, but we will see what happens. I did see some where that a guy in Iceland ran as a joke and got elected, you never know.

I can tell you I wouldn't run a platform, I would have Hamilton people build it, I wouldn't campaign I would listen and ask what they feel the problem  is that you see in your neighbour hood do you have a idea of how you would like your mayor to help solve it? The Imaging way of doing things with sticky dots of what our neighbours feel is the #1 issue and down the line like we did for our Neighbour Hood Action Plans and Future 25 and Community Land Trust, etc, we seem to like our dots, but if we added a doodle poll on the city's website and had a dot board at city hall and it was a living measurement of our action to changing the city for the better that increased every ones engagement to really hear each other, oh man that would be something, example in Gala the neighbourhood wanted a local newspaper it had the most sticky dots, and a action team got to work on a paper and The Gala Hearld is still around but it does need some new volunteers with editting skills as our editor is running for ward 3, so Hamilton Compassionates please think about it.

It isn't the title Mayor, Councilor, Trustee, Chair or Co Chair that makes you a leader or a difference maker or whatever word you like to use, it's your heart and your passion, right down to the simple act of every day when you walk the dog you pick up garbage as you go, maybe you check in on neighbours who don't have a/c and being them a cool drink, or mow their yard for them, just like in winter shovelling snow and a warm drink. 

Volunteering at homeless shelters, free meal programs, reading programs, schools, or being in a service club like Lions or Rotary, Coaching youth programs like soccer, baseball or empowerment groups for self esteem and leadership.

Donating food to the food bank every time you go food shopping, the small pocket change you give every kettle drive, the boxes for camp at Tim Horton's, The Canadian Tire Money to Jumpstart, The stuff toys at the bank for Smiles to help Mac Kids, The Raffles, penny drives, how ever you are giving your money the charity and community get help providing and I am sorry to say we may have to give just a bit more for what has been cut or downloaded to our city.

We can do our home work on who is running and what their passion is, we can ask how they will get to the solving our struggles.

Let me do a example, with my joke of running for Mayor, I could research by laws before running to see if the idea of allowing tiny homes along the rail trail with them designed off grid but done safely and to codes could help cut done on the homeless living in tents along the trail, think of having some pride in where you live, it wouldn't be a eye sore when you take pride in it, you would keep it nice, that would be part of the agreement, maybe a job of cleaning the rail trail, help people feel safe, have a emergancy style campus phone near the house and wait with them, offer security training to willing volunteers and like habit have them put in the hours to build their dream tiny home.

Alley ways if no longer used for cars and home owners want to turn garages into a up to fire and safety codes apartment or a little bit bigger tiny home for alley ways to become livable lane way housing, again I would maybe push for off grid, encourage solar power, all safe and sustainable energy sources, if only walking and biking traffic front yard gardens for food access, maybe that back yard style community could do shared composting.

 We can work with groups that fight for our rights, groups that believe in election change that one vote is one vote and for the person not the party and no first through the post, sign petitions.

Right at Home we are our children's first teacher's, teaching right from wrong, acceptance, compassion, along with numbers, words, and letter's. We lead by example.

 Now how about using our money as a voice, if a store doesn't fit with our vision of change for any reason, don't buy from it, like if you are aware of a company using slave labor, or child labor, use unsustainable sources, unfair wages, or is a know as a big carbon making plant, bouycotts are powerful because greed has company listen to their bottom lines.

Invest your money in local shops, support Impact Businesses that have purpose and profit, like listen Headphones each pair earns someone a hearing aid, I forget the name but shoes for shoes or buying from fair trade not free trade, or businesses like me that donate proceeds to charities doing good work to improving other's live's.

I feel like this blog is going a little longer then some of my other's and I try to keep them short and sweet out of respect for our busy lives. Dear Compassionate's I hope as always you are blessed, stay safe and peace to you. Thank you for reading.

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